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Our Team

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Our team is guided by an agreed code of ethics that allows all members to learn and grow together in environmental matters and also to take part in conserving God’s creation and preserving exotics.
We have a set up that allows us smooth company running and creates and provides us with space to work as close as partners and treat each other equally.

Solar Energy Audit Services

With our solar energy audit services, we identify opportunities to reduce the energy use and/or the cost of operating a building or industrial process. Whether it's new construction, renovation, or retrofit, our audit reports provide building owners the information they need to decide which of the recommended solar modifications they should implement.
To complete an energy audit, we work through the following processes:
  1. Collect and analyze historical energy use
  2. Study the building or process and its operational characteristics
  3. Identify potential solar modifications that will reduce the heating energy use and/or cost
  4. Perform an engineering and economic analysis of potential modifications
  5. Prepare a rank-ordered list of appropriate solar modifications
  6. Report the results
The Key Elements of a Commercial Building Solar Energy Audit/Analysis are:
(1) Analysis of two or more years of utility consumption and cost, review of building plans, review of government and utility incentives, and a walk through of the building itself to establish:
  1. Type of building, principal use or heating process, and physical arrangement, height, etc.
  2. Heating Energy Utilization (monthly and annual energy use) in Btu's.
  3. Delivered cost of heat to the load including energy purchase cost and onsite conversion efficiency ($/million Btu).
  4. Breakdown of various heating systems within the building by type, inlet and outlet temperatures, hours of use, etc.
  5. Ideal solar surfaces, such as existing roofs, walls and open ground.
  6. Calculation of solar heat available from each solar surface.
  7. Control strategies for the solar energy delivery.
  8. Any operations or maintenance problems or practices, which may affect efficiency.
(2) Description and analysis of the energy-using systems of the building, resulting from on-site observation, measurement, and engineering calculations, including:
  1. Domestic hot water.
  2. Laundry.
  3. Lighting.
  4. HVAC and Controls.
  5. Process Systems.
  6. Utility Providers & Rates
(3) Provide an understandable analysis of findings and observations that will show:
  1. Breakdown of the components of annual energy use and cost.
  2. Recommended solar heating measures, including predicted savings and cost to implement.
  3. A description and cost estimate of each recommended solar heating system.
  4. A description and cost estimate of any measurement and verification methods needed to determine the actual effectiveness of measures.
  5. An energy analysis summary that includes:Present energy use and costs and Savings from recommended solar heating measures.
We can provide different levels of solar and solar roofing analysis for a building, or group of buildings, or industrial processes. Our reports give owners information they can use for variety of purposes. Whether it's contemplating major energy-saving capital improvements or roof replacement, or new construction or renovation, we can evaluate and recommend a variety of solar measures to save energy and cut heating costs.

Our core values

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  • We strongly believe in investing in our internal staff and client base and giving them a wholesome experience as they engage in our operations.  We have open channels of communication to serve both our internal and external domains.
  • We work with integrity in all our business dealings, and encourage loyalty in our internal and external relationships.  We emphasize on client confidentiality at all times.
  • Diligence is very crucial in meeting our client needs in a timely fashion.  All our clients continue to enjoy the satisfaction of high quality services being delivered within the set deadlines; we go above and beyond our call of duty to meet the objectives set out.
  • We are committed to contributing to the overall growth of the production of renewable energy sectors regionally and continue to partner with like-minded organizations to fulfill this goal.
  • We believe in conducting all our business in accordance to all health, environment and safety rules and policies outlined by ourselves, our clients and the government.
Our slogan: Our slogan embodies the company’s vision and mission in a succinct manner: ‚MANUFACTURING AND SERVICE  FOR  AFRICA‛

Quality Assurance System
We currently take pride in being recognized as the premier quality conscious PRODUCER, service provider and contractor in the region and we intend to remain the trail blazers in this regard.  We are determined to provide the highest quality products and workmanship in all our operations.  

To provide consistently high standards by using a regularly reviewed and updated Quality Control manual.  

Our quality control plan includes: obtaining all letters of authorization, training and regularly retaining our staff members, reviewing the quality control plan with the client, hiring independent quality control bodies, inspections and testing, log books and taking protective measures on our ongoing projects.  All data collected is complied in written reports.  

We also require recognized certificates of compliance and manuals from all our suppliers and sub contractors.  

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Fine Mercury East Africa. has implemented projects and has the following to offer; With over 18 years’ experience, since inception in 1998, we have installed and commissioned a hundreds of working and successful solar systems throughout East Africa and parts of Central Africa.The company has successfully diversified its scope of operations to include: renewable energy, power generation, refrigeration and air conditioning.

Below are a few of the many solar systems and other engineering systems we have installed in specific places given and shown in the schedule.
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