Our core values

  • We strongly believe in investing in our internal staff and client base and giving them a wholesome experience as they engage in our operations.  We have open channels of communication to serve both our internal and external domains.
  • We work with integrity in all our business dealings, and encourage loyalty in our internal and external relationships.  We emphasize on client confidentiality at all times.
  • Diligence is very crucial in meeting our client needs in a timely fashion.  All our clients continue to enjoy the satisfaction of high quality services being delivered within the set deadlines; we go above and beyond our call of duty to meet the objectives set out.
  • We are committed to contributing to the overall growth of the production of renewable energy sectors regionally and continue to partner with like-minded organizations to fulfill this goal.
  • We believe in conducting all our business in accordance to all health, environment and safety rules and policies outlined by ourselves, our clients and the government.
Our slogan: Our slogan embodies the company’s vision and mission in a succinct manner: ‚MANUFACTURING AND SERVICE  FOR  AFRICA‛

Quality Assurance System
We currently take pride in being recognized as the premier quality conscious PRODUCER, service provider and contractor in the region and we intend to remain the trail blazers in this regard.  We are determined to provide the highest quality products and workmanship in all our operations.  

To provide consistently high standards by using a regularly reviewed and updated Quality Control manual.  

Our quality control plan includes: obtaining all letters of authorization, training and regularly retaining our staff members, reviewing the quality control plan with the client, hiring independent quality control bodies, inspections and testing, log books and taking protective measures on our ongoing projects.  All data collected is complied in written reports.  

We also require recognized certificates of compliance and manuals from all our suppliers and sub contractors.  

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