Solar Heating Project Design Services

We design cost effective solar heating systems, which provide high rates of return. Our systems are economical without government subsidies in all 50 states. However, Federal and state tax incentives and utility incentives can further improve the economics. We know how to design to maximize the economics in all locations.

A solar heating system from American Solar productively uses low and mid temperature solar-heated air, which some see as "waste heat". Our designs use innovative and practical approaches to recover solar heat to reduce facility or building energy use in dozens of applications.

We also produce solutions to energy problems that others have not even considered. For example, some companies build solar air conditioning systems requiring expensive water heating panels. We design and build a system using solar-heated summer air from a roof. The heated air from our system drives an air conditioning system, which uses less electrical power than a conventional air conditioner.

Another example is our solar re-roofing system. We design a long-life, weather-tight roof that simply heats air to cut heating costs. The solar heating roof has the best life cycle economics in most cases --
  1. better than a non-solar roof alone, and
  2. better than a conventional roof with ordinary solar collectors.
We can provide these solar engineering and energy design services as part of our design-build capabilities. We can also work with other design professionals and construction contractors to deliver cost effective solar heating systems. We have provided design services to architects, builders, building owners, and energy service companies.

Where necessary, we bring in contractors and design professionals with other required expertise. We have worked closely with energy management firms, structural design firms, and energy engineers on a variety of projects.

If you are responsible for designing or heating a facility, building, or industrial process, contact us to find out how you can cut your energy use with solar heating, solar heat recovery, solar roofing, and thermal energy management. We can provide unique field tested solar engineering and energy management expertise that can save you energy and money.
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