Solar Project Construction Management

Installation and construction of solar-thermal systems on buildings is both a science and an art.
Among the many considerations are:

  1. Maintaining a weather-tight building envelope.
  2. Maximizing aesthetics for the public face of the building
  3. Minimizing weather hazards to solar equipment such as freezing and boiling of solar fluids
  4. Orienting the solar-thermal system to take full advantage of the sun as a heat generator
  5. Integrating the solar thermal system with the building’s HVAC system or industrial process
  6. Coordinating the project installation with other building service providers, roofers, HVAC companies, electricians, mechanical contractors, etc.
Our engineering staff has decades of hands-on experience in managing major solar thermal and industrial installations.Construction management services typically begin during design, and include:
  1. Schedule and budget evaluations.
  2. Value engineering.
  3. Financial incentives review.
  4. Alternative financing analyses.
  5. Construct-ability reviews.
  6. Weighing project alternatives.
  7. Structuring bid packages for lowest cost construction.
  8. Sourcing equipment and supplies.
  9. Monitoring and coordinating daily construction activities.
  10. Owner meetings and reviews 
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